Complex Support

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What is complex support?

Our complex care experts offer support solutions in challenging and specialist situations.  

Who is complex for?

Complex support is for adults with specialist and complex needs and conditions including profound and multiple learning disabilities, mental health problems, behaviours that challenges, autism, dementia and acquired brain injury.

How can we support you?

We offer support based on people’s needs and aspirations. This can include support with:

  • household tasks
  • personal care
  • taking medication
  • maintaining a tenancy
  • money management
  • building links with friends, family and the community
  • social and leisure activities
  • making healthy lifestyle choices.

When is complex support available?

Support is tailored to the individual need and can be during the day, evening and night.

Why does complex support work?

Every individual is different with different needs and aspirations. Some individuals have extremely complex needs which can sometimes be ignored because of the challenge of their support. Complex support works through our wide experience and knowledge of how to overcome these challenges to achieve the individuals’ potential.

Where is it offered?

We offer complex support throughout West Wales.

How can you access complex support?

You can access complex support using your personal budget or other form of direct payment, by paying with private funds, or with funding directly from your local authority

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