About us

“I have a Learning disability, epilepsy and asthma. I have support from the staff to keep my house clean, do my shopping, go to my job.”

Ivan • Supported living

Our Values


The principal focus is on the people that receive and deliver our care.

Being supportive and caring with everyone we work with is why we are still here after so many years. We put the person at the centre of all we do and make sure that at the fundamental level we care about the person. We care about the people we look after and the support team that provides that care.


Being happy makes the lives of our service users and the people who work for us better.

Being happy is important. Everyone is entitled to be happy –  in their home, where they work and in the things they do. The people that support our customers are also entitled to be happy and by treating our staff team with respect and fairness and giving them opportunities to grow and succeed we engender a happy and vibrant team culture.


We act with integrity at all times and always do the right thing no matter how difficult that may be.

Acting with integrity at all times makes us who we are. We hold ourselves to high moral and ethical standards and always take responsibility for our actions. We believe it is right that anyone we work with knows exactly what they can expect of us. We are transparent, open and accountable. There is no nonsense which means customers, staff and stakeholders always know where they are and what to expect.


We embrace change and always want to learn more.

We believe that no one, whether it is a company or a person, can ever stop learning. We constantly review how we are doing so that we can build on the good and change anything that is not up to scratch. We pride ourselves on being a Learning Organisation where we capture knowledge and skills from our entire team including our customers, to build an ever evolving innovative and change embracing culture.


We know we are good at what we do and are proud to be a part of an organisation that pursues excellence.

We are justifiably proud of what Elliots Hill does, what we have achieved and where we are going. Our customers and staff alike are proud to be part of the team and what it means. We are proud of the high quality support, care and happiness we give our customers and proud of the team culture our staff thrive in.

Our Team

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Supporting our Community

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