Care Home special event

The residential care home at elliotshill is always busy, with 19 residents and up to 30 staff, excluding a separate cleaning team and specialist cook

But of course the emphasis is always on all the residents and all were recently happy to celebrate a special birthday for Mair Evans, seen in the picture below.


At 85, Mair is our oldest “guest” who has actually been there from the very start of the residential service, almost 30 years ago.

Mair who much of the time is a little reserved can at times certainly make her needs known and is still always ready for a short trip out into the community or a break near the seaside, even if these days, she needs the help of a wheelchair.

Janet Ward one of our talented support staff is pictured below, and she takes the accolades for making such a lovely celebratory cake.


Aside from many excursions there is always time as shown below for activities around the grounds. Residents and staff are pictured at a recent on site BBQ.


And of course Mair did not miss out as seen below:


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