General Election

In Wales much to do with Social Care is the responsibility of the Welsh Government in Cardiff, but what happens in this coming election on June 8th and who represents us in London,  is also important.

Westminster in London the seat of the UK government is shown below: 


You can find out more about our General Election local candidates at the following links:

For Preseli Pembrokeshire

For Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire

Social care is likely to be a key issue in the forthcoming General Election campaigning and with recent reports talking about:

  •  A crisis in funding
  • Problems in recruitment and retention of a good social care workforce
  • A growing need for services due to population changes

(The UK population is ageing. By 2030, 20 million of us are expected to be over the age of 60)

The current government, if re-elected has promised a formal review on social care funding by the end of 2017. Whoever is in government, many people feel that there is an urgent need for a long-term, comprehensive and sustainable approach to social care funding. This is especially valid due to people living longer and giving a number of specific health challenges, particularly an increase in dementia-related diseases and more people requiring part-time or full-time social care.


 At elliotshill being actively involved and part of social care in Pembrokeshire, is especially important to us, and we will continue to play a full part in all developments.


For further information concerning social care in Pembrokeshire, please contact Paul Copp on:

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