Elliots Hill’s Great Pumpkin Challenge.

earlier in the year, Jane Kelso issued a challenge to all of the individuals that live in houses around Pembrokeshire where Elliots Hill Care Division currently provides community-based support. They would each take 5 pumpkin seeds and to see who could grow the best pumpkin. The aim was not necessarily to find the heaviest, but to create an outdoor learning activity that was fun but which also required patience and care.

Did they take the challenge - Did they ever!

The deadline for the challenge was set to be at Elliots Hill Care's Residential Care Home in Haverfordwest at 4pm on the 34th October. On the day, 19 pumpkins arrived for judging, all having been planted and nurtured by the individuals themselves, some with a little help from their support workers.They ranged from a whopper weighing 75lbs (34KG) down to a small, but perfectly formed miniature, tipping the scales at around 14 ounces (400 g) 

pumkin challenge 2018.jpg

There were some prizes, but the reality is that they were all winners, everyone having risen to the challenge and produced something that they had grown and tended themselves. Not only that, but it was a great excuse for a gathering of friends, with hot dogs, sausage rolls and a warm drink to round off the afternoon.


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